Ensuring a smooth transition to tomorrow

Are you ready for the future?


“There is nothing permanent except change.”

Our world is changing rapidly. In the next 20 to 30 years the rate of technological advancement will outstrip anything in the history of mankind. As a result, our society will undergo seismic changes, crossing the boundaries of science, technology, business, equality, education, sociology, philosophy and everyday life experience.

Tempus Motu was formed to track, understand and react to the enormous changes that humanity will face in the coming decade.

We’re a group of senior forward thinkers, academics, strategists, futurologists, artists, writers, and business designers from across the globe that have come together to make a difference.

As our economic and political models evolve, so to do our belief systems and expectations. We work with governments, NGOs and C-Suite executives to explore coming opportunities, covering policy shift and strategy, the impact of nascent technology, and scenario planning to accelerate structural transformation.

Our vision is to create a true and lasting impact on our way of life by harnessing the agents of change for the common good. We are doing so by asking questions that challenge the change and by providing direction toward preferred futures, across policy, business and society,

We help clients to facilitate both prosperity and social wellbeing. To do this we employ trend research and projection, ideation workshops, seminars and inspirational keynote speeches for your leaders. Our engagement model includes:

One-off scalable and interactive Future Panels consisting of world class experts in the desired subjects, designed to identify Black Swans. Future Panels can be formed to suit your exacting requirements to support workshop groups of 20, 50 or even up to 300 people. Lean more about our Black Swan Theatre

Think-Do-Rethink tank brining action and impact to thought. We offer these services for governments, countries and large corporations, supporting future policy, strategic growth models and new opportunities. We employ a unique approach to problem-solving and ideation with our Mind Hive concept, bringing the best and brightest minds to forge a pathway forward.

We also provide one-to-one Mentoring and Briefings designed to bring political and business leaders up to speed quickly on a wide range of topics.

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We explore potential outcomes, develop and implement strategic solutions across a variety of areas.


How will your government adapt to meet tomorrow’s challenges? What should you be discussing right now?


What implications do the coming changes have on our way of life? Our economy, our social structures? And how can we prepare?


How will the Xth Industrial/technological Revolution affect your nation/city/business or education system?

If you would like to learn how we can help you navigate the coming technological revolution in the face of increased automation and artificial intelligence, please contact us and we will be happy to listen to your needs and find a path to the future you desire.

Please note: We are not a design agency. We do not develop applications or build websites. We don’t like buzz words. We are not management consultants.