We provide strategic direction, find blind-spots and gaps in current approaches, and thereby identify monetization potentials that deliver the most impact, growth, and prosperity.


Combining theory, methodology and execution strategies to create a balanced and objective outlook across a wide variety of subject matters and areas of special interest.

We offer strategic support with a focus on illustrating areas where technology, policy and societal partnerships will be necessary in order to respond to constant changes in the marketplace. We help organisations and governments to mitigate financial and societal, consequences, monetize ideas, design new approaches to product and services, and by doing so, bring strengthgrowth, and resilience to their business and communities.

TEMPUS.MOTU is built upon a balanced adaptation of both scientific and philosophical approaches to sustainability and resilience. Our recommendations are informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and scientific advances in the fields of economy, technology and sustainability.

We approach every topic from three angles:


How will governments and policy makers adapt to meet tomorrow’s challenges? What should we be discussing right now?


How will the 4th Industrial Revolution affect nations/cities/business or education systems?


What implications do the coming changes have on our way of life? Our economy, our social structures? And how can we prepare?


Instigate change and transformation on personal, societal and political levels


At the core of our methodology is our ability to tackle each challenge from a 360-degree perspective. We bring thought-leaders and experts from various disciplines together to ask pertinent questions, ideate and shine a spotlight on the ability of primary level Policy, Society and Technology to THINK and more importantly ACT differently in response to major challenges.

Our MINDHIVE platform is a scenario-based table-top exercise that simulates a series of future drives and facilitated discussions aimed at confronting, policy-, societal- and technological-based dilemmas. Discussions will be based around the latest trends, utilise the latest tools and be approached from a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal perspective. This Cross-pollination and ideation between industry thought-leaders makes MINDHIVE the perfect tool to help policy makers, society leaders and technology developers to THINK-DO-RETHINK the impact of their actions on the creation of a better, sustainable tomorrow.

MINDHIVE X is performed in collaboration with BLACK SWAN THEATRE.

- Advisory and Strategic Support

TEMPUS.MOTU offers an exclusive advisory service. We provide you with a topic-relevant expert and advisor selected from our global list of policy, technology, business, creative and academic experts based on your strategic needs and challenges.

  1. We bring the right people together to ideate, establish and execute projects that make a difference in the life of your customers, while building resilient, sustainable and improved brand perception, growth and profitability.
  2. We shine a spotlight on your ability to THINK, and more importantly ACT differently to other players in your industry with targeted events and experiences designed to make a global impact.
  3. We work together with key stakeholders in the organisation and  provide strategic direction, identify gaps in your current strategic and help you focus on the realities, and thereby potentials, of tomorrow.
  4. We build structures for commercial monetization and identify potential partnerships and unrealized opportunities.

We work using the following tools in three steps as, outlined below.


We engage to understand your current paradigm and challenges.

We use our network to explore and map potential futures where we bring together facts, ideas and viewpoints to challenge the current paradigm.


We design internal and external collaboration efforts needed to build services and products that will drive market growth, while defending the core company earning models.


Through experimentation, we design and define new potential revenue streams to maximize profit. We help our clients help their clients and partners by introducing new spin-off business ideas, additional earning models and brand strengthening projects.


We are committed to objectively analyzing, discussing, and disseminating directional information around the essential questions of our time and are committed to the ethical principles of justice, beneficence, non-maleficence, accountability, fidelity, autonomy, and veracity.

We are, regardless of support, fiercely independent and will not sacrifice our principles, ethics, or values in the course of our work.